Aqueous Ozone Caddy provides On-Site, On-Demand carpet spotting without adding harsh chemicals. Deodorizer that leaves no residue! WoolSafe approved – safe on all carpets. Great for car detailing too! Unique, patented technology that combines the natural elements of water and oxygen to deliver a powerful cleaning solution.

  • Lower Cost;
  • Effective and Powerful Cleaner;
  • Safer to Use;
  • Safer for the Environment.


Dimensions220-240 V
Weight (without water)L=53 cm x W=23 cm x H=48 cm
Pump11.7 bar (170 psi)
Flow-Rate0.23 liter / minute
Ozone Concentration1.0 – 1.5 PPM (parts per million)
Wand Applicator Pressure0.69 bar(10 psi)
Operator Hose Length2.44 meter
Recovery Hose Length1.52 meter with 4:1 stretch
No Fragrance Added
No Dilution Necessary


Ready Indicator LedReady for Application
Capacity Clean Water Tank11 liter
Capacity Recovery Tank9.8 liter
Vacuum Lift2.08 meter
Hand ToolAcrylic Clear View
AccessoryCarpet Extraction Wand

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